söndag 1 februari 2009

Super Bowl day = Day off!

Today I think I've experienced one of the most american things there is... Super Bowl! Meghan and I found out that almost 100 million people watch it every year, and so it was no surprise there was a wish for a day off today from all Poker Flat guys! :) Me and Dave spent the morning (after going to the gym) in down town Fairbanks, and in the evening, after watching some Super Bowl (I was cheering for the pink ones, but the yellow guys beat them, grr!), Erik and Steve came by with a board game, the Settlers! That was hilarious, and the best part was watching Steve and Dave communicating their cunning plans with sign language instead of words, to not give their plans away (they were on the same team)!

Downtown Fairbanks

Steve and Dave planning their next move!

Such a brilliant way to spend a day off, very relaxing and lots of fun!

On Saturday I dug out all the bunny boots they have at Poker Flat, and brought two pairs home for Tobbe to try out. Tobbe, this is what they look like:

Bunny boots (to the left!) and my normal shoes (to the right!) These should keep us warm in Toolik... if not, we can always use them to defend ourselves against a polar bear or two!

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  1. Ah, I see.. you are obviously supposed to wear you're original boots inside!