söndag 22 februari 2009


22 Feb - and the rocket has been out for winds now three days in a row! So we're patiently waiting... But it's not like we're sitting here and having nothing to do, on the contrary! That's why it's so interesting to work with systems like the Alvis and Blvis cameras, there's always something not working and more tests to do! :) The number of times we've been trying to focus, change lenses, change horisontal/vertical shift speeds, baseline clamps etc on them... grr, I'm actually quite fed up with them at the moment! And we were supposed to get papers and theses written while being in the loneliness in Alaska... But you can't just work all the time, so we make sure we get to do some skiing as well! Yesterday the sun was shining so we went out for a trip up the Jade mountain... which was beautiful! Other occupations on our spare times have been philosophising, sauna-based life analysis, trying to find (and fight!) the inner spectral point, etc.. We are truly reaching new depths here, it must be the climate (or perhaps the Mountain Dew?)!

Tobbe practising his outdoor philosophy pose

it was a beautiful day for skiing!

Toolik field station, in the middle of nowhere (seen from the Jade mountain). The road above it leads north, up to the Arctic Sea.

Chocolate break on the top of Jade mountain

Two nights ago we had some more aurora here. It's the first time I've seen proper red aurora, and it was dancing for us, it was soo beautiful! We got so excited that we by accident woke the others up that were staying here (and sleeping since hours back), but they didn't complain about getting some proper aurora to look at, they don't get much of that in Alabama where they were from...
Red and green aurora drapery at Toolik
So we're making the most of the time while waiting for winds to ease, clouds to go away and cameras to cooperate.. and yes, we are actually getting somewhere on the writing too, just very very slowly.. :)

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